Calling all African creatives! Clapback seeks to exist not only as a platform but also as a community of strong women and allies on the continent and in the diaspora between 13-25 to connect,grow and clapback. Where we do not see space we create our own- We are reclaiming our narratives. Whether you’ve lived in Senegal for your life, or you call Oslo home, this is your space. Whether your parents moved here from India or you speak your colonizer’s tongue better than your mother’s, this is your space. Whether your skin is the shade of honey or ivory, or as rich as the soil that gives life, this is your space. If Africa was born in you, this is our space. 

*    All African identities are welcome, however we are prioritizing women-identifying persons. We are looking for writers, graphic designers, copy editors and cool people, to get involved in this and contribute to the first issue! As well as taking general submissions, we have topics lined up to be covered from more jovial conversations like what's the deal with this whole Yoruba boys thing for real, to a profile on the elections in 15 African countries this year! So no matter what your interests are, we would like to hear from you.  In terms of writing, we are taking random submissions as well as looking for writers who would like to work with us to cover certain themes/topics that we would like to see discussed so definitely if you're interested feel free to shoot us an email at

Again:  Anyone who identifies as African can submit but this is meant to be a women centered movement and space to level out the playing field and visibility.

Also catch us on Facebook, twitter and instagram @clapbackmag for updates :)Submissions Deadline: April 23rd

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