Who We Are

Meet the Editors:

Yaa Kankam-Nantwi:

Yaa is your everyday British-Ghanaian womaninja with the Afro and camera and 

poetry tumblr and what not. She looks to the amazing people that she can call friends and 

the fighters,dreamers and badasses that came before her, for daily inspiration. She is 

super into the internet,watching documentaries and the power of 

community. Her favourite movies are Cheaper by the Dozen and Boyz n the Hood 

and she can be found arguing in online comments sections or having an identity 

crisis somewhere (probably Boston,London,Accra or Bella Noches). If you like Dev 

Hynes, The Newsroom, Cecile Emeke's strolling or mango juice, you will probably 

get along. Feel free to shoot her an email whenever, her sleep schedule is pretty 

messed up.  
Contact- yaakankamnantwi@gmail.com or tweet at her @womaninja

Kanchelli Iman Iddrisu:

Hi I'm Kanchelli Iman and I'm a Law Student at Kings College London. I know I'm 

going to write this and think of something cooler I should've said later and then 

much later realise that this was the lamest bio ever. Right now I feel like Yaa has 

stolen my bio but I'm just going to get on with it. I'm into any kind of music as long 

as it's loud but Kelela, Angel Haze, and ASAP Ferg own my heart right now. My 

favourite movies are 13 going on 30, American History X, Jumanji, and lots of others 

I can't remember at the moment. Adventure Time is my life. My favourite book is 

Paradise by Toni Morrison so please read it !!! I like anything with a happy ending 

basically. To conclude, FEMINISM IS THE KEY and if you want me to tell you your 

moon sign please send me an email at imaniddrisu@gmail.com. You can also email 

me for anything else for real I literally do nothing. 

Nyahan Tachie-Menson:

You’ve probably, most-likely, never heard my name before. You’re probably 

thinking (if you don’t know me) where is this name from? and where is she from?...is 

she human? lol. Well unlike my mysterious name, I’m your everyday cheerful, pidgin-
speaking, Ye Wo Krom, terribly gorgeous Ghanaian boom ting (wink). There’s 

nothing I love more than having an in-depth conversation about our world in the 

context of art and philosophy. I love hearing young Ghanaians and other Africans 

CARE about their countries and continent. Afrobeat music is my LIFE. Play E.L’s 

Koko and I will give you a light show. My God is my muse. Post-human here 

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